Growth Cycle


Delivery Mechanisms


Clarify Direction:

What do we want to be? How much of it? For whom? By when? SWOT against the Bull’s Eye Agree Key Change Project
Workshop with SMT (Senior Management Team)
Agreed business strategy for next 3 years Enhanced SMT performance through strategic thinking and effective communication

Develop Trust:

PDR’s (Personal Development Reviews) for the Managing Director and then each of the SMT

How to conduct PDR’s with staff.

Designing and Conducting a Staff Survey, plan of action

Develop and agree core competencies for your customer survey

Experiential learning

Training with SMT

Workshop with SMT

Workshop with SMT

Identify areas for personal development in line with Bull’s Eye

Enhanced SMT skills for developing employee performance and better communication with staff

Knowledge on how to use both the Staff and the Customer Surveys to identify areas for organisational development

Enhance Performance:

Develop Key Performance Indicators across the Kidson Diagnostic Wheel

Management Development Programme

Communication, Time Management, Personality Preferences (MBTI), Conflict Management, Motivation, Team Building, Recruitment and Selection

Director Development with 9 other local directors

Training with SMT (5 x 3 hour sessions)

Bespoke training sessions Or through One-to-one coaching

The Herefordshire Directors’ Forum
(10 x 3 hrs)

Define and agree an action plan to delegate areas of responsibility and ultimately deliver the Bull’s Eye

Develop personal leadership and management style and skills

Improve individual, team and organisational performance